Vaughn For Vigo County Prosecutor Press Release 2/25/2022

"Local Attorney, Johnny Edward Vaughn, announced that he has filed his Candidacy for the Vigo County Prosecuting Attorney, 43rd Judicial Circuit Friday morning just minutes before the noon deadline to file at the Indiana State Secretary of State's office in Indianapolis. Vaughn, a former campaign operative in Senator Jon Ford's previous campaign, a former frequent guest of the Republican social club, The Pachyderm Club, traded in his Pachyderm for a Donkey in the process. In doing so, Vaughn expressed that it wasn't his initial interest to leave the local Republican Party but rather, the local Republican party left him. Being influenced by his staunch Democratic family members of both sides, Vaughn always felt the desire to see both sides of the aisle. With that in mind, it didn't take him long to discover that the local issues in this particular race that he finds most important - Justice for Everyone, Rehabilitation when appropriate, and Commensurate Dispositions of cases, drew him to the local Democratic Party. Vaughn contacted local Democratic Party Chairman Joseph K. Etling to pitch his plan and credentials - Etling had to approve the move. Etling said, "After being contacted by Johnny Vaughn and discussing the issues surrounding this race, I knew Johnny Vaughn would be a great fit in the local Democratic Party."


Johnny Vaughn isn't the most likely of candidates for Prosecutor. In fact, he isn't the most likely of candidates to become a practicing attorney for multiple reasons. As a young child, Johnny and his sister, Heather, found themselves temporarily fostered with their grandmother as their parents faced drug related charges. Johnny knew this wasn't the life he wanted for himself or his sister. Both Johnny and his sister attended McLean High School. Johnny encouraged his sister to complete high school and then pursue college. Both Johnny and his sister graduated from Indiana State University; Johnny, equipped with an above average GPA and above average LSAT score, continued to the Robert H. McKinney School of Law at Indiana University in Indianapolis. He commuted to Indianapolis every day to attend class. His sister went on to get a Master's with Johnny's encouragement. The two of them took the hand they were dealt and pulled themselves out by their bootstraps and made a different path going forward. Johnny's sister became a business owner in New York. It's an amazing story and an amazing accomplishment for both of them.


Johnny understands the law, he understands addiction, he understands the effects it has on family and the compassion necessary to understand each case presented before him. Justice can be defined in many ways and Johnny Vaughn's goal is to get the proper definition in each case depending of the specific facts of that case. One size doesn't fit all; knowing which size is appropriate is the job of the Prosecuting Attorney. And, to give each case the time necessary to find that appropriate size, Johnny believes the Prosecuting Attorney for a community the size of Vigo County should be a full-time job. In fact, Johnny didn't even realize working such an important job on a part-time basis was even an option. "How could that be?", Johnny asked. He went on to say, "Criminals work full-time and so should the Prosecutor."


Perhaps that's why crime in our county has gone up over the past several years. When elected, Johnny Vaughn has vowed to work as a full-time Prosecutor. Should Vigo County have anything less? Shouldn't the victims of Vigo County have a full-time voice? Johnny Vaughn will be that Voice of the Victims full-time!"